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Golden Tilefish

The Boat


The "Miss Directed" is a 35' Bruno & Stillman flybridge sport fish. She is powered by a reliable Caterpillar diesel engine for swift, dependable transportation to and from our deep sea fishing destinations.  She has an open cabin with a protected view of the fishing action. Miss Directed offers  plenty of seating and a clean restroom.  She also has two fighting chairs, which offer a great place to relax while you wait for a strike.
Miss Directed
Red Snapper Miss Directed Deep Sea Fishing Charters

What's Biting

Half day fishing trips

(6 hours/$1200)

Normally this is a trolling trip for king mackerel, Mahi mahi, and the occasional sailfish, but from June 1st to mid August (federal snapper season) we target big snapper in federal waters.  If time allows, which it usually does, we'll troll part of the trip for everything from King mackerel to mahi mahi with even a chance for something larger like sailfish.  

3/4 day fishing trips

(8 hours/$1600)


The 8hr trip is usually a mixed bag of trolling and bottom fishing. The extra time allows us to reach some spots that aren't under as much pressure, resulting in some better sized fish. King mackerel, ling, snapper, and a better chance at sport fish can be expected on this trip.

Full day fishing trips

(10 hours/$2000)


Depending on the season we can fish deep water for amberjack, grouper, and snapper or troll for pelagics such as wahoo, tuna, mahi mahi, and sailfish. Like the 8 hour trip we can split the day up between bottom fishing and trolling.  With the extra time and range,  you have a better chance of catching some exciting sport fish on the troll. Give us a call to find out what's biting.

Extended full day fishing trips

(12 hours/$2400)

The extra time on this trip gives you the chance to venture off the continental shelf in search of the Gulf's more exciting gamefish like wahoo, tuna, mahi, sailfish, and marlin.  We can also deep drop on some of our best spots for grouper, amberjack, vermillion snapper, red snapper, or even tilefish.  During the late summer and fall, chumming blackfin tuna to the back of our boat is one of our specialties.  Call us to find out what's in season.

Marlin/daytime swordfish trips

(14 hours/$2800)

If you are after the fish of a lifetime, this is the trip for you.  Marlin fishing consists of trolling larger lures and baits on the surface of the water to entice these monsters from the deep.  Daytime swordfishing on the other hand, requires us to drop baits to the bottom up to 1800 feet down.  Conditions have to be right for daytime sword fishing, and we will let you know if it's worth going.  Either way, if you hook into one of these beasts, be prepared for a battle.  Marlin are strictly catch and release, but we are allowed to retain swordfish.  

Payment Options

Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

Fishing Licenses

The State of Texas requires anyone 17 or over to have a valid fishing license.  You can purchase a one day license or a yearly license at Quick Stop or Wal-Mart in Port Isabel.  You can also print your own online through Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Deposit Requirements

A 30 % deposit is required to reserve a day aboard the "Miss Directed" ,"Miss Guided", or "Rebel Yell".

Cancellation Policy

Notification of 5 days before your scheduled fishing trip is required, in order to avoid the deposit fee. Trips cancelled due to unsafe weather (to be determined by the captain), will not be charged a deposit fee.

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