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Offshore Fish  of South Padre Island

The deep sea waters of the Gulf of Mexico house a variety of fish species.  

Pictured are a few species anglers  have caught  while fishing in the offshore waters

of South Padre Island aboard the Miss Directed and Miss Guided.

Red Snapper

Snapper are found in deeper water near structure such as artificial reefs and natural rock structures.  Anglers know they are a hard fighting fish. Deep sea fishing

red snapper caught in the offshore waters of South Padre Islalnd

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi, also known as dolphin and dorado, is one of the most colorful with a bright blue and yellow or green and yellow body.  We troll the deep sea waters for these strong and swift game fish.

Mahi Mahi caught deep sea fishing off South Padre Island.


Wahoo, with its zebra-like stripes, are one of the fastest gamefish.  We fish the deep sea blue waters off South Padre Island for this slender beauty.

Wahoo caught deep sea fishing South Padre Island, Miss Directed Fishing Charters

Warsaw Grouper

Warsaw Grouper make heavy structure their home such as sunken vessels, oil rigs, or large natural structure. Once hooked, they usually seek the shelter of the structure, so heavy tackle with tight drags are required to muscle them out.

Warsaw Grouper caught while deep sea fishing South Padre Island.


The Golden Tilefish are found on the bottom of the extremely deep sea waters off South Padre Island.  Fished  at depths of 800-1500 feet of water, we usually employ electric reels.  

Tilefish while fishing South Padre Island

King Mackerel

Kingfish are powerful  fighters with sharp teeth.  Kingfish range between the beach and blue water.

King Mackerel caught off South Padre Island.


Cobia is found under floating or stationary objects in the deep sea waters of the Gulf.  These sport fish make powerful runs when hooked.

Cobia caught offshore fishing South Padre Island


The Greater Amberjack, or AJ, prefer structure such as natural rock and artificial reefs.  They are the largest of the jack family in the waters off of South Padre Island.

Greater Amberjack caught offshore fishing of South Padre Island.

Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle are found everywhere from the bay waters of the Laguna Madre to the near coastal offshore waters of South Padre Island.  Once hooked, anglers are in for  a tremendous fight.  Not considered an eating fish, they are normally released alive.

Jack Crevalle while fishing South Padre Island

Gag Grouper

Gag Grouper inhabit areas with structure such as natural rock, reefs, and drop off ledges into deep water.  Heavy tackle is needed to hoist these strong, stubborn  fish up from the bottom.

Gag grouper caught while fishing South Padre Island.
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